AppleScript to Say Current Battery Level


VoiceOver users can sometimes not notice our MacBook?s battery draining until it?s almost too late. Before you know it NotificationCenter is popping up that inconvenient alert. Navigating all the way up to the menu extras or status menu for the battery level is a bit of a drag, so you just don?t bother.

Well, with this AppleScript, your system can speak your MacBook?s battery status allowed. Just assign it to a keyboard shortcut in any number of ways (e.g. VoiceOver?s Keyboard Commander, Keyboard Maestro, or an Automator Service) and you can find out your battery status at the press of a button.

I?m grateful for an anonymous script builder whose shell script inspired this one. I also know Alex Hall—the man behind the Talking Dashboard project—had an AppleScript to speak the battery status. IN many ways I think his script was more robust, so if he has a website…

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