Living the 3G Life

peoples trust toronto

by Vivek



Long ago I’d figured out something that I once shared with a very large group of witchy women in one of the witchy women capitals of the world…


Naaaaaaaahhh, they did not look like that.

But imagine if they had, eh?

That gathering was more like this:


Feel good witchiness… :-) Marin county style…

And after my little “I have a Dream” speech, I was mobbed by breathless many of them, entranced as they were by the words of this Hindoo….

What, you must be wondering, did I say?

Well, there are three tenets I have had as my core tenets in life, in awareness, since about 2003.

I realized that if we lived the 3Glife, it would bring the 4th G, Goodness, just like that.

And what were these 3 G z?

GRACE, Gentleness & Generosity

Grace: Upper Most. To be graceful you…

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