teapot: Said the hatter with a sigh, ‘It’s always tea-time. …’


This will also be a shortened post, since 99 percent of what I could tell about teapot was committed to the great cesspool of knowledge known as The Internet years ago.


teapot is a spreadsheet. teapot manages data in three dimensions. teapot is great for math, but might not be ideal for your basic home budget. teapot is a little unusual at first, but makes a lot of sense once you get used to it.

If you want to get your hands dirty with teapot, I’d recommend first looking at that link above, then starting into the documentation. By the time you work through that, you should have the majority of teapot’s mainstream functions completely mastered.

So you might wonder … if teapot is so great, why do I still use sc on a daily basis? Easy answer: Most of my spreadsheets are extremely simple things, like budgets or calorie…

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