Web Application Security Introduction

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This is the minified introduction talk to Web Application Security derived from my Training Workshop slides (https://de.slideshare.net/BjrnKimminich/web-application-security-21684264) – It gives a short motivation why Web Application Security is a high priority today and then goes through three of the most prominent vulnerabilities of web apps: 
– SQL Injection 
– Cross Site Scripting (XSS) 
– Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) 
It will be explained how each of these technically work, what damage they can cause and how to avoid them in your own applications. The talk concludes with a summary of existing measures to increase application security and explains why none of these is a 100% solution. To keep you on the topic for a while after the talk, a « hacking homework » is presented where a vulnerable local web shop is supposed to be hacked in various ways. 

For a full-grown coverage of the topic feel free to check out my…

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Installing a SSL Certificate and don’t die while is trying to do it.

Carlos German Cruz


Well, this is my first post… Today, I am trying to install a SSL certificate in the domain name http://www.nicaraguaspanishschools.org

Okay, while I was reading and reading on Internet, I have found a place where I can bought a cheap certificate for my first test, this site that I have found is http://www.namecheap.com, I have bought a $9 usd basic certificate but will help me with the task.

Before it, I have hosted the site installation of http://www.nicaraguaspanishschools.org in the servers of inmotionhosting.com, but the domain name is hosted with another provider of domain names (( that is not important for this article)), (( I can offer info of how to complete a domain pointing the next time))

Okay, when I have finished the shopping of the SSL certificate, I have found that I will need a CSR code and a backup of my RSA key from my hosting provider…

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OWASP TOP 10: Beginning the Battle.

Security Perspective

Welcome to OWASP TOP 10 Series. In this section we will see what all are the OWASP TOP 10 risks, how they impact on web application , how they are exploited and what all are the preventive and corrective measures to be implemented.

If you don’t know OWASP TOP 10 (Open Web Application Security Project) then this is the place to start and if you know it already you must thinking why in the world you’d visiting my site when the official http://www.owasp.org has everything to offer? Answer is simple. For ease in understanding and detailed and example oriented posts.

Although the official site makes it pretty easy, when I’m thinking from a developer’s perspective I always wished if I could get all the relevant articles under one post ranging from the risk explanation, risk exploitation techniques (funny they call it testing procedures), preventive actions and correction steps.

I’d be…

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Crypto Currently: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Potcoin prices for July 25

The Cryptosphere

Yes. Yes, my friends, it has come to this.


If there’s one thing my IRL friends know about me, it’s that I cannot abide the reek of the weed, so just imagine the depths to which I have sunk in order to blog for you the current price of, yes, potcoin, which aims to be the standardized currency of the marijuana industry. You see the issue with that, yes?


Bitcoin: $593.00 Ugh, down seriously from yesterday, probably on the basis of bad news at MtGox. When in doubt, blame MtGox.

Litecoin: $7.72 also down significantly. What’s up with that?

Dogecoin: $0.00021634 and actually doing the best of the three this week.

Potcoin: $0.00001283 and as expected, the price varies with the cost of Ketchup Doritos in the back alley.

Featured image via Images Money on Flickr

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Cisco’s 8 Tbps router goes live at Telstra

High Performance Computing Info

Cisco-logoTelstra last week blogged that its 1 Tbps-per-card-capable NCS6008 has gone live on the Telstra Internet Direct network, which serves ‘net bits to enterprise, government and wholesale customers.


The new super router is currently managing traffic on the busy Melbourne to Sydney path and makes Telstra the first Telco in the world to enable live network traffic on the next generation of routing technology.

Among the benefits offered by the new router, there is a 60% decrease in power consumption, a 3x increase ion processing power compared to its predecessors and a smaller footprint.

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