Redistribute EIGRP static routes using a prefix-list and a route-map

integrating IT

In some instances you may have a core switch with a link to a WAN router exchanging routes using a dynamic routing protocol such as EIGRP, static routes to other routers and a default route to the internet firewall. You may not have the ability to run a routing protocol on the other routers so you may find yourself with a load of static IP addresses on the core switch. In order for the branch sites to have full visibility of the entire network we’d need to redistribute the static IP addresses into EIGRP. If we used the command « redistribute statics » on the core switch it would redistribute all static addresses including the default route, which would mean the branch sites would now route ALL traffic back to the central site. Depending on your scenario this may or may not be desired. We can control what subnets are redistributed into…

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