Starting with a vision

in-memory and above construction

It was years ago when I was introduced to, and witnessed challenges associated with deploying infrastructure in large organizations. For the end users, the merits of open systems seemed two fold:

  1. expect vendors to interoperate with each other – for the greater good of the consumer, and
  2. assume i.e. expect an implied nature of having to engage in integration upon delivery – yourself (or with an army of consultants)

The first is a function of time. The second is a function of cost.  Because time is money, one would think that ultimately they would be non-orthogonal and converge.

Interestingly, the computer industry, while arguably cyclical, has been slowly marching toward a point of tighter multi-vendor integration. From large monolithic mainframe-class systems to Best of Breed systems to systems that are engineered for specific application stacks and, more recently, to systems that tackle the challenges ascribed to the two points above.  Specifically, challenges associated with a sequential…

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