A Computer Science Education (in theory)

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Last time I checked, Princeton offers one truly practical Computer Science course.  One.

Advanced Programming Techniques, taught by Brian Kernighan, which is really a software development class despite what the title may suggest. The course revolves around the six week group design project, where students create full-on applications or websites.  Many of these are Princeton-related and have become staples on campus, such as the Integrated Course Engine and other TigerApps.

This is, however, the extent of Princeton’s practical CS curriculum.  There are certainly other classes that contain practical elements or information that could be directly applied in the real world, but classes have a tendency to focus heavily on the theoretical end of the spectrum.  And there is no equivalent to courses such as Stanford’s CS193p (iOS Programming), despite it certainly being a topic of great interest.

Let us consider two of the introductory CS classes, Intro to CS…

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