The Functions of An Operating System

IGCSE Computer Science

The five main functions of an operating system or OS, are

1. Starting (or booting) the computer: Booting is what the computer does when it starts or restarts.  A cold boot is when you switch on a computer that has been completely shut down, while a warm boot is when one uses the OS to restart the computer.

2. Performing the essential tasks of a computer:  For example, managing and controlling all software, be it application or programming, and hardware as well, such as the mouse, keyboards, and printers.  Now, most operating systems are plug and play, which means that printers and other such peripherals get detected and configured without the need of a user doing it manually.

3. Acting as an interface between user and machine: This ensures a better working environment.  There are two types of interfaces- command line and graphical user interface (GUI).  In a command line, users use…

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