Non Disclore agreements and their relevance for cryptocurrencies and startups.

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Protect your Intellectual property.
Trade secrets, business models, know how and confidential information are often the most valuable IP’s your business has. They must be protected at all time.

If any of such information is disclosed without proper legal protection or contract, they are lost.

What this means is, that you cannot prevent anyone who is familiar with your IP to share or use it freely and there is no way you can stop them without an NDA.

Do you want to disclose secrets?
Companies often rush into creating an NDA without thinking about the the business reasons for disclosing information. Imagine you inveted the Compact disc and you need Sony as a partner to continue development. Whatever reasons you have for disclosing information with Sony must be considered carefully. For instance, has SONY previously violated NDA’s and used IP or disclosed IP?

What happens if your NDA gets violated?
Do you…

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