The Tide Is Turning Against Comcast’s Proposal To Buy Time Warner Cable


Reports that attorneys at the Department of Justice (DOJ) may recommend blocking Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable are good news, because if this $45 billion deal goes through, it will create a telecom behemoth unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Comcast is already the nation’s largest cable company and largest broadband Internet provider; Time Warner Cable is the second-largest cable company and third-largest broadband Internet provider. Under the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) updated definition of broadband, the new mega-Comcast would control 57 percent of the high-speed Internet market.

This colossus of a company would have unmatched power to destroy its competition, abuse its customers, and bully the government agencies charged with regulating it. Consumers would face even higher prices, even fewer choices, and, if you can believe such a thing is possible, even worse service.

That’s why I’ve been a vocal opponent of this proposed acquisition since shortly after it was announced last year. I think consumers…

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