A Brief Introduction to Cryptocurrency

*Dusk Magazine

Cryptocurrency. What is it? What can you do with it? How can I get some? Woah there, slow down now, old sport. Let’s start from the beginning. It all started with the cypherpunk community back in the 90’s. Good times changing at a rapid pace with the rise of computers and electronic networks. What is cypherpunk, you may ask? Well, friends, cypherpunk is the root of electronic privacy and a form of ‘civil disobedience.’ A cypherpunk by definition is “any activist advocating widespread use of strong cryptography as a route to political or social change.” Tim May, Eric Hughes, and John Gilmore started the Cypherpunk mailing list back in 92.’ Twas’ a good year indeed. It was the year of nicotine patches, Nirvana, the Rodney King riots, all that jazz, and of course, these visionaries at hand right now. The cypherpunk mailing list was a mailing list that allowed complete…

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